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Mapping The Line (2017)

Choreographer/Director: Sasha Roubicek
Music: Cullenagh by Jamie McCarthy
Lighting: Michael Mannion
Image: Rock Pool II | 1997/97 by kind permission of the artist Philip Hughes.
Dancers: Bethany Edwards, Arran Green, Reece Macmahon, Elisa Mozzanica, Ileana Orofino, Carlene Raibley, Ryan Taylor, Evie Hart (does not appear in this recording due to injury).
Mapping The Line was made in response to the work of British Artist Phillip Hughes.


Choreographer: Sasha Roubicek
Dancer: Renee Stewart.
Skin/Space/Stone was made in response to the work of British Land Artist Richard Long


Choreographer: Sasha Roubicek
Movement: in collab. with the dancers.
Dancers: Jamie Chapman, Christine-Jennifer Felkin, Yue Tong Kwan, Maeve McGreevy, Tamzin O’Garro, Clara Rust, Bradley Smail, Renee Stewart
Music: From where we left off by Jamie McCarthy
Costumes: Nicole Bowden, Frances Morris

The Space Of Time – 15 Minutes for 6 Dancers

Choreographer: Sasha Roubicek
Dancers: Deepraj Singh, Jack Wallace, Ruby Embley, Annie Fox, Freya Spencer, Nicole Chapman.
Composer: Jamie McCarthy
Lighting Design: Michael Mannion


A short film illustrating the influence on her approach to dance of breathing methods learned through Japanese Martial Arts of Aikido & Kashima Shinryu.

Budo: Path of Spiritual Refinement

Extract with kind permission of Meiji Jingu.
Kashima Shinryu Haria-no-tachi performed by Inaba Sensei in front of Meiji Jingu


Choreography Joe Moran
Choreography Sasha Roubicek
Breaking Trail studio performance
Choreography Sasha Roubicek
Breaking Trail
Choreography Sasha Roubicek