I have taught professional Dance Artists and companies and students in higher education institutions, on an international circuit, for over 20 years and have achieved the recognition of my colleagues and students as an exemplary teacher with a unique approach. Prior to joining London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) as a Lecturer in Contemporary Dance in 2008, I was a performer and contributing creative artist with Motionhouse Dance Theatre, Small Bones Dance Company and then Siobhan Davies Dance Company. Whilst working with these highly respected companies I developed my creative capacity, making substantial contributions to the choreography and creating roles for myself. Throughout this time and, as an integral part of my own development, I honed my teaching skills meeting the expectations and challenges of leading classes for dance artists of the highest calibre at the peak of their careers.

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“When making a new work for Small Bones, Sasha was always a significant contributor to the creative process. She was enthusiastically self-motivated, enjoying exploring choreographic tasks and developing movement phrases. With her sense of musicality and aesthetic discernment, Sasha gave sophisticated shape and nuance to the material she made.”

Paul Douglas – Director Small Bones Dance Company